Hello and welcome to my space. I am Regina and I live in London. My ethos and purpose in life revolve around being happy, enjoying freedom, wealth and crafting a curated life.  I define myself as an Inspired Idler- one who values the freedom, time and space to experience and enjoy life to its fullest potential and to pursue ventures that provide inspiration, purpose, growth and financial abundance.

I have a core and continual interest in personal growth, living a life defined by beauty, simplicity and abundance;  and building profitable and sustainable businesses I am passionate about. 

My Live Well With Less venture is the manifestation of my purpose and interest in Minimalist living and my Simple and Minimal blog charts my journey as a Minimalist. I have a keen interest in Urban Living and Design.  So the likes of Jane Jacobs, Charles Baudelaire, Charles Montgomery and William Helmreich have become my favourite companions in my urban explorations as a Flaneuse. My interest in urban living has been a driving force in the development of Prosper Properties, my property investment venture. I also have a positive addiction to good books, beautiful bookshops, characterful cafes, specialty coffee and good food.

I am on a continual quest for inspiration and growth through new ideas, experiences, people and places. Life has much to offer if we are mindful, open and grateful.